Entrepreneur, Social activist, Developer, and most importantly a good Husband. Founding member & CEO of Elluminati which I founded in 2012 and still going strong today. Started as a service base company, and soon in a year converted to product base, and launched UberforX – On Demand B2B Mobile App Solutions. We intend to provide business ready mobile app solution whom want to start their own white labelled solution similar to Uber platform.

I started my journey as an Android Developer at another service based company, with the intent to learn the emerging technology from hands-on experience as Android 1.5 was introduced. After discussing my interest in Gaming to the owner of the company, we formed “TheAppGuruz” together with the intent to work on our own Games, and launch them out in the market. After one year, I left the venture to start something on my own…and have been involved with: Pixidee – A Design Studio and OnDemandPlatform, formed under Mowares, (which got featured in various tech media such as VentureBeat, New York Times, etc.).  Als a part of Google Developers Group, promoting and building technological awareness.